INDUSTRIAS CLAUDETTE, S.R.L. is a national privately owned company, established in 1986, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of all kinds of raw materials and products for industrial and institutional maintenance.

The product line covers pool maintenance, domestic and industrial cleaning, residential and hotel maintenance, printing industry and industrial raw materials in general.

With the diverse range of domestic and imported products offers a variety and extensive selection of packages, together with the technical service of an expert team of professionals with a culture focused on continuous improvement, meets the requirements of its customers by providing chemical solutions to each need.

It has a system of quality management based on ISO 9001: 2008, achieving certification in January 2008 with TUV-SUD; and Re-certification with Aenor-IQ Net based on ISO9001:2015 in March, 2017; a further proof of our commitment to quality.

The operations cover the entire national territory. Currently expanding business activities to Central America and the Caribbean.

It also manufactures private brands for major supermarket chains in the country.


Offer high quality chemicals products, supported by competent and committed human resources to encourage the sustainable development of the industrial and commercial sector of the country. For this, our company is committed to:

  • Satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers and other interested parties.
  • Ensure flexible, innovative, transparent and profitable management.
  • Strengthen our position in the National, North America, Central America and Caribbean market.
  • Continuous improvement of our processes, products and services.
  • Accomplish legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the sector.
  • Protect the environment and our community.


“Providing our customers (local and international), products and services in the area of ​​chemicals and related products, exceeding their expectations, driven by excellence in quality and service, supported by our staff and in a profitable organization, dynamic, solid and innovative, committed to society and the environment.”


Being the leader in commercial and industrial chemicals in the country, with a strong presence in Central America and the Caribbean.


 Quality: Degree to which a set of inherent characteristics meet certain requirements.

Customer Service: Demonstrates sensitivity to the customer and responds proactively to meet their needs.

Leadership: Guides and leads a team demonstrating dynamism and enthusiasm in achieving the objectives.

Excellence (efficiency): Superior quality or goodness which deserves appreciation and estimation for a singular thing.

Innovation (technology/product/process): Application of new ideas, concepts, products, services and practices, with the intention to be useful for increasing productivity.

Occupational Competency: The ability a person has to play a productive role to ensure quality in achieving results based on a common goal , that involves personal development and organization . It also includes skills and attitudes for the provision of a service.

Flexibility: It fits without difficulty, potential new technologies to streamline it and locate decision-making as close to the end customer.

Social and environmental responsibility: Contribute to the needs of the population and the environment.